Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bow Down Before The One You Serve

Imagine this...

There is a young girl who is involved with the wrong crowd. She hasn't graduated from high school, or if she has, she didn't do it the regular way. She finished her work at an "alternative" school, really the back of a modified strip mall.

She has a dead end job at a camera store. She just wants to get married and move out. She smokes.

Her aunt gets her a job filing at a good company. But filing is boring. She wants to be working on the phone, like a receptionist. That would be fun. That is what she really wants to do. Instead, she takes long smoke breaks, longer lunch breaks. She takes a lot of phone calls from her friends. She spends a lot of time on Facebook. She starts telling the girl who works the phone that she wants her job. But she feels that everything she does is wrong. She feels the girl who has the job she really wants makes her look stupid. She asks the girl questions but never listens to the answer. She is always angry. She takes many sick days to avoid the filing that she really should be doing.

Her aunt becomes embarrassed with her behaviour. She tries to think of a way that she can rectify this situation. After all, she was just trying to do a favour to this girl. The girl is not her niece, the girl is related to her husband. She does not want to loose face in front of her husband.
The girl takes sick days:
Because she doesn't feel well;
Because she could not dig her car out of the snow;
Because her friend's boyfriend was deported and needs a shoulder to cry on;
Because she needed to "help her boyfriend take a shower";

The young girl often comes to work crying, usually over an argument that she had with her boyfriend. The girl runs out of sick days and begins to claim that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She confides in the other girl, the girl who works the phone. She receives a lot of support.

Her cancer appointments all fall on Fridays, including Halloween. The girl attends a lot of concerts and drinks a lot. She comes to work wearing the same clothes. Her cancer doesn't bother her then. She works out a system to leave early and have a friend punch her out later. When her aunt finds out, she does nothing. The aunt has a meeting with the girl and modifies the girl's hours so she can leave earlier. The girl is still unhappy. She wants to work on the phone. She hates filing.

The young girl buys a fancy new car. The young girl asks for a raise. Her aunt gives her one. A short time later, she asks for another. It is explained to the young girl that she will need to complete 2 college level courses to be eligible for a raise. She attempts the courses but quickly abandons them. She asks for another raise. She is refused. This makes her angry. The other girl has completed the college level course. The other girl makes more money.

Her aunt gives her some responsibilities on the phone. But it is not enough. She wants to have the other girl's job. In fact, everything about the other girl is very interesting. She wants to know her weekend plans, she starts asking on Wednesday morning. When she learns the other girl goes to the gym, she signs up to. She even drinks the same protein drinks. She asks what she does at the gym, what exercises. When the girl is unresponsive, she finds out from her aunt what the girl does on the weekend and then asks her about it on Monday. She learns the girl has gone skydiving. She mentions she wants to do that too. She makes grand statements to the other girl that she used to manage a team of four people. She mentions that her job was so big and important that she didn't even use a pen. When she says these things, she is met with silence. The other girl knows what is coming.

The young girl begins to hate the girl who works the phone. She misses days from work. She has hate in her eyes. She lies and says she knows the answers to things. She makes bigger mistakes. She feels ashamed. She makes a complaint to human resources about the other girl. Most of what she said was a lie. Despite the fact that the other girl is more qualified, with more longevity, they have a meeting with the other girl and fire her.

The young girl has the job she wants. She is still not happy.

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