Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I know now that the loving Moon
Has taken you for her very own.
A consort to the Moon
I know now that you are up there

Why do I hate you, darling?
You, whom I have loved and hated
With equal strength and imperception
How will I ever remove your face
From my seared and blackened heart?

I pine, I wait
With halting and broken breath
I am lost to the world
I am reflected light
I merely haunt the one
You used to know

I will not push away your hungry kisses
Your steel arms to entrap me
I would let you kiss me now
I do not hate you, my darling
Please come back

The Moon who watches me
And waits up for me when I get home.
The Moon who peeks
and sometimes stares in my bedroom window.
Jealous Moon!
Those nights
I never miss you
I sense your warmth in her cold light.

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