Friday, January 21, 2011

Date #41-January 20

There were two men texting me like crazy on the weekend. Both wanted a last minute date, and both were surprised when I politely advised that I was busy. This only intensified the texting: "When are you free?" infinitum.

Neither man interested me that much and so I decided to try a little experiment to see which man was the most eager. I figure that the more eager the man, the better the date. The first man was kind of plain, the other a gorgeous working actor. I sent the same text to both men on Monday at noon: "Call me after 5" and I promised I would go out with the first one that called.
Mr. Plain texted back right away: "Will do! Have a good day! :)"
He called at 5:45pm, asked me about my family, told me about his and closed the deal in under 5 minutes. My man! We agreed to meet at a place close to my house and he even offered to buy my a steak.
Mr. Gorgeous took a couple of hours to respond to my text and when he did, it was to re-negotiate a non-negotiable: "Ok it'll be at 6:45 when I get off work" Very dismissive. In actual fact, Mr. Gorgeous called at 8:45 and probably had something really amazing to tell me and somewhere really awesome to take me, but I wouldn't know because I turn off my phone at 7pm.
Mr. Plain was sincere, eager and kind. This was not a simple drinks date (i.e. "Date Zero"). This was a REAL date. He grabbed a table, ordered me a steak and proceeded to tell me his entire life story. While interesting, it was a little intense...okay, make that a lot intense. He had everything that a man his age should have and now he was actively looking for a girlfriend to make into his wife. That's a rare thing. As my mother says, He has his light on. There is nothing wrong with that, but he wasn't right for me. He was like a female trying to get married, it seemed like it didn't matter who. I might have liked him, but the hard sell was tough to swallow, and it seemed a little insecure. Maybe he was just nervous. I hope so, because I want to introduce him to a friend I know...
In contrast, Mr. Gorgeous continues to text without actually saying anything.
So, Dear Reader, who has more Game? Which one was the Real Man?
I think you already know the answer.

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