Monday, February 14, 2011

DATE #45 - February 13 "Catch and Release"

This man sent a message advising that he works in Toronto and lives in Montreal but is opening to meeting for dinner. Since he was never available on the weekends (when he flew home...not my problem), called me relentlessly from a blocked number and generally sounded married, I gave him polite but vague answers to almost everything. Since this technique inflames the heart of any man, he pursued me for 4 weeks before finally planning a romantic dinner at a Italian place in Yorkville on the day before Valentine's Day. The French typically have more game than the average North American and so I was not irritated even though he was a few minutes late (his plane was delayed...again, not my problem).
Dinner was elegant and well received. I pretended that I could neither read, write nor speak Italian so that he would be in a position of explaining and ordering for me.
Full Disclosure: Of course, I took Italian in university and I have been 4 times but no one likes a know-it-all.
He was incredibly curious. He asked a huge number of questions, almost to the point of suspicion. Since it isn't my responsibilty to be anything more than polite and sweet, his questions could have gotten overwhelming had I not paced myself.
Fuller Disclosure: It is important to note that an inquisition is not a conversation, which reminds me a funny Monty Python episode...
This man was married to his job. He admitted that he had not had time to buy furniture for his condo that he bought a year ago. He mentioned that he would be flying to Poland for a one-day meeting later in the week, He was very clear that he wouldn't not be back to Toronto over the weekend for many weeks. I was sweet but unfazed. The whole "catch and release" attitude of the date was perfect for his personality. He only wanted to solve the riddle of getting me to dinner, before becoming bored and moving onto the next challenge. He was 35 years old.

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