Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Date#43 - January 28 "Does this giant winter coat make me look fat?"

This man scheduled a date without asking for my phone number. Not a great sign. He asked me to suggest something near my home (good) but then tried to renegotiate the time when I suggested 8pm (re-negotiation for no good reason is argumentative and not a good sign). So instead we met at 7pm with the rest of the senior citizens from the suburbs.
He was unlike his picture but he had a friendly attitude and an intelligent mind.
The problem was me.
I had received some news that made me angry before I left for the date and showed up in a bit of a mood. I was sharp, aggressive and totally not in the right state to meet a romantic stranger. Dear Reader, Never do this!
Because we met at 7pm I was hungry and more irritated when he did not offer dinner. The bar became progressively more crowded, I had trouble hearing him and he did not close the deal. He had absolutley no game. He ordered a mojito and nursed it whilst watching me talk... and talk ... and talk. My internal dating clock gave the alarm after 50 minutes and so I jumped up and left. That was all.
But wait! There's more!
He wrote me a follow up email that same night saying that I was "crazy" but he would like to have another date with me. He said that I looked thinner in my picture but that was okay. This comment gave me pause. My photo is recent and accurate as a Rules Girl's should be but when I thought back to the date, I remembered that I did not take my winter coat off during the whole meeting. How could he say I was fat when I was wearing my winter coat? What part of me was fat? My face? Certainly not! The comment was extra strange given the source. Dear Reader you may note that I rarely if ever comment on a man's physical appearance. Only God can judge...
However, this man was indeed fat. He carried so much fat in his head and neck that his eyelids did not fully articulate open. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I have never heard of a man calling a woman fat in order to get a second date, so that makes this man the very first to try it. Yuck!

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  1. HAHAHA...this post makes me laugh so hard. One word - Loser!


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