Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Very Handsome Men/Alpha Males Make Terrible Boyfriends

They Do Not Have To Try
Handsome men have women talk to them - out of the blue - all the time. All kinds of women. All the time. Handsome men have the pick of the litter. The older they get, the more successful they become, the better it is. Under these circumstances the art of the romance is quickly forgotten. Because they are handsome, women don't demand it and men gladly ignore it. He does not want to date you - since sex is not dating - and dating would require effort.

They Are Impossibly Stupid
You always have to repeat yourself in the presence of handsome men. They never listen to a word you say. No one has ever required that they actually handle or fix anything like an adult. Women do everything for them until they become so sedate in their world, they are literally helpless. They do not have to listen, they do not have to learn, they do not have to do anything of value to have their needs met. They have dreams that they will become a well-paid male escort to wealthy women but since they are terrible in bed, this dream will never become a reality.

They Are Only Concerned About Their Own Orgasm
Sex with an available mate is sweeter when it was worked for. Nothing in life this important should come easily, but for handsome men it is readily available. This makes them restless. If there is no challenge, then they only see as far as their own orgasm. As a result they are terrible. They kiss like monkeys, they grab and crush and mangle your body. They have no idea where the female clitoris is, much less if they should touch it or why. They consider foreplay jumping on you in the hallway in their underwear. Have you ever been kissed so hard that he ground his teeth against yours? I bet you it was a handsome man who did it. Sex is with the lights off. You could be anyone and the emphasis is not on talking. It starts at full speed and usually lasts about 2 minutes. Was it good for you?

They Live In Squalor
Dishes in the sink, a filthy tub and toilet, an unemployed roommate in the extra bedroom that you have never met...This is how handsome men live because they do not have to build a proper nest to attract a suitable mate. This is against nature. Nothing about this says "long term" and yet they have long lines of women waiting to risk fungal infections in his presence. They offer to do his laundry, pick up some groceries and pretend like they don't mind when he kicks them out when something better comes along. If he was trying to impress you, he would be installing the latest speaker and hardwood floors. I know a man who began building a second bathroom in his home when he met the woman he intended to marry. He didn't tell her this, of course, he just asked her if she liked "pot lighting" one day while they were driving. She asked, what's pot lighting? They are still very happily married.

Peter Pan Isn't Sexy
There comes a time to put childish things away. No one wants to live with the boy who would be King forever. Fanciful dreams eventually have to lead to something or go somewhere and in the meantime someone needs to bring in a paycheque. This is not a buzzkill, this is what grown men do. They put or shut up. Handsome men endlessly moon about what could be, or what they are gonna do, rather than working at it. Subsequently, the conversation never manages to veer around to you. Or your successes. Or your wants and needs...etc. He talks until he feels like eating or fucking and then the opportunity is lost.

Bigger Better Deal
This is the restless, jittery quality that some handsome men and most alpha males seem to possess. Knee shaking, darting eyes, ceaseless crackberry...these are the hallmarks of a man who is looking for a Bigger Better Deal. He is not satisfied with you. He is not satisfied with himself. If you are the type of girl who is hoping to be treated well, avoid this man at all costs. Nothing will ever be good enough for him and you will exhaust yourself trying. Yet these men always have girlfriends. Why? Because she doesn't care, either. She is doing the same thing to him. Becoming a jaded version of yourself will protect you when around these handsome men, but who needs to make themselves bitter to have a relationship that doesn't hurt? Not you, Single Girl.

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