Friday, December 16, 2011

Texts from the Dead

Based on a true story.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful 28 year old woman who met a beautiful 36 year old man. They fell instantly in love and their chemistry was electric. But the man was not happy. Maybe mommy hadn’t loved him enough. Maybe daddy had hit him once too often. Or touched him. The man never said what the problem was.

The man could see clearly that the woman loved him. And for some reason, this enraged him. He sought to do everything in his power to destroy her.
He lied.
He cheated with other women.
He was unreliable and stood her up.
She cried, she begged, she never retaliated, she kept stating the obvious.

“I love you.”

The fact that she stayed enraged him further. He wanted to destroy not just her, or her love, but her hope that anyone would ever love her.
So he lied more. He would rather lie than do anything at all.
He insulted her to her face.
He cheated with more women.
He was more unreliable, showing up at her family’s house drunk at odd hours.
He ran her into the ground.
He posted nearly naked pictures of her on the internet.

All while asking her for sex in his darkest hours.

The sex relaxed him. If he could just keep fucking her, his hatred subsided. But as soon as it was over, he was consumed with hatred. So one day, he did the meanest thing he could think of; he told he was coming to visit for Christmas. He told her he had a present for her.

And got in his car and moved away. He moved to a different country. No address, no phone, no email. He simply disappeared.

It was the silence that destroyed the woman.

(4 years passed)

The woman was older and wiser. Her grandmother had died, so had her father. She had always felt uncomfortable at Christmas because she had no family but she had spent the last 4 years building her friendship base. She was dating. No one special yet, but lots of interesting people. She was looking forward to Christmas. At the very least, she was going to make the very best of it.

Then in early December the man contacted the woman. He was lonely, he was horny, and he was bored. He sent a text but did not address her by name. He did not state his own name. He wrote like he simply assumed that she was single and waiting for him. He told her missed “certain things” about her. He asked her how she was.

The woman did not immediately recognize the number. But she could sense the ground moving beneath her feet. It took 2 days for the shock to wear off. But underneath there was anger. She did not want her Christmas to be ruined by this person. She felt very protective of the new found freedom that she had gained in 4 years. She felt pain. And it caused her to feel anger.

She finally understood how the man had felt all this time. How all his pain had created his anger. But she did not want to destroy him. She felt sorry for him. She did the nicest thing she could do. She just deleted the message.

She never heard from him again.

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