Friday, April 20, 2012


Italian Widow

This is not a real blog post. This is a list of the different uses of the word WIDOW.

1. Widow’s watch – balcony to watch the sea for mariner’s wives

2. Merry Widow – sexy lingerie

3. Widow’s peak – hair

4. Widow’s weeds – clothing when husband has died

5. Black Widow – killer spider or woman

6. Grass widow –relationship that has been killed but husband remains alive

7. Widowmaker -mankiller

8. widow and orphan margins – documents (wha'?)

9. Italian Widow - a young woman who dresses older than her age, often in sombre colours.

A male who has lost his wife by death and not re-married is called a widower. No other usages in English for that word. Interesting, no?

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