Friday, July 6, 2012

Date #62 - Internet Psycho Alert

Answers to the name Jason
Guilty of being late and ...ahem ... how to say this calmly: UTTERING THREATS.

Yes, you read that right. This actually happened.

This man asked to me meet me at my local. When he finally arrived he was in a very angry state. I suppose traffic had been bad? Dunno. We exchanged a few words but there was no doubt he was angry... about something. Then he called someone a "fat whore".

I made my excuses and left. He followed me out the door and into the street. Then he made a move toward my body. I said "Don't touch me".

He said "I will beat the shit out of you".

And at that exact moment... a police car stopped in front of us. It was a purely coincidence! The police car was stopped in the same heavy traffic that had wound this guy up. I took a moment to drink in the irony (I actually do not like the police) and when I turned around, Date #62 was gone. Like magic.

Toronto gals, be on the look out.

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