Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gratitude Journal, 2013 (or, List of Good Things)

Dear Reader, I have a real thing for these chocolate toffee rolled-in-Skor green apples purchased from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and my co-workers bought some for me ... This is evidence that they adore me like a deity. A tiny little deity who sings a lot. I rec'd Candy Apples on the following dates:
2-Nov-2012 (2)
4-Nov-2013 (2)
23-Dec-2013 - still haven't eaten this one. Perhaps I should be careful what I wish for...

-At the very beginning of the year, my grandmother's estate was interfered with by a crazy person who didn't want money so much as she wanted attention. Through some miracle it was settled and a key missing piece of paper showed up on a Courthouse Clerk's desk through God's Almighty Grace. I am very grateful.

-A very handsome bachelor said "you're sweet" on my trip to Italy. I hope I marry him forever.

-I rec'd a Papal Blessing this year. From the Pope. No, not that one, the other one.
...and I rec'd a Plenary Dispensation from a priest, which is way more complicated and even better and more rare.

-I am grateful that not all of my dreams are scary; sometimes I dream of Love. In these dreams a handsome man says sweet things to me, like on 23 Jan 2013 I dreamed I was laughing, he touched my knee, told me I deserved good things. Maybe he is my guardian angel.

-I found a lawyer to protect me. He hates the same people I hate as much as I do.

-I took an Air France flight with _____ and she jammed her nail in my head and did puzzles in French etc. It was great.

-I got a great new tenant in condo. He's an amazing human being.

-I am grateful I have a good job with a (mostly) great crowd of people.

-A random man in my office shouted "You look thinner!". This is important information to record.

-I got a load of new stuff in 2013:
1. New space-age mattress with memory foam. I am like a dippy 60s housewife who will buy anything if they tell me it was developed for astronauts on the space shuttle. A mattress for people already floating in space actually doesn't make any sense but now I have one and it's pretty cool.
2. New cheap sofa. 
3. New flat panel TV that my engineer friends installed with a moving bracket on the wall. We pimpin' now.
4. New dehumidifier. If you do not have one of these contraptions, you need to run (not walk) and buy one.
5. I also bought my first classic car this year: 1988 Mercedes-Benz 300 CE. I feel like a Saudi oil baron in it.
6. I also tried to invest in a second (third?) condo this year but it didn't work out, I am grateful for that, too.

-On April 16th I took a walk to my Naturopath appt and it was so warm and springy and beautiful to be alive that it made this list.

-I had a really good friendship weekend 23-25 April

-I am grateful for books and films, the loves of my life.

I also got to go to a couple places completely FREE of charge. As a friend once said, "It doesn't get any better than free..." She was right, and here's where I went:
-I watched a Jays game from the Acura box this summer. They have alcohol and chicken wings. And baseball. I am grateful for baseball.
-I went to The Fifth for a summer cocktail party and it was swanky.

-I started swimming with all my increased energy (thanks to the Naturopaths) this year. I am grateful for swimming and naturopathic medicine.

-I removed a toxic person from my life this year. It was very difficult, mostly because it meant one or two other people had to go as well. It took a long time to plan and execute but it finally happened and I have to say that I am grateful for that.

-I went to Melmira (the fancy lingerie/ bathing suit shoppe) with Adrienne and spent gajillions of dollars on lingerie and bathing suits. I am grateful that I am a sex kitten.

-I went to Bala during Canada Day. I am grateful for both Bala and Canada.

-I bought an imitation Cartier Tiger bracelet at a flea market in the woods and it turned out to be gold-plated.

-I have a new seatmate this year and sometimes she lets me leave early. I hope no one I work with reads the Internet. 

-I ate some BBQ pork from a food truck in early September on the university campus and it was so delicious that it made this list. I am grateful for BBQ pork.

-I am grateful for the summery green silence of the suburbs.
-I am grateful for Summer. 
-I am always grateful for Indian Summer.

-Film seminar: nailed it. Grade: A
-I am grateful I got my 'Fuji' essay so quickly written. Grade: B

-I am grateful for when empty elevator doors open right on cue.

-Sunny Autumn Sundays doing nothing.
-Crisp Fall Sundays without a hangover.

-Mrs. Brahms homemade soup.

-I went to Cuba for my birthday and stayed at a place so fancy that I had my own butler! I met this really nice older couple and swam with dolphins. I am grateful for dolphins.

-I am grateful for migraine medication.

-I sang a duet at Christmas and it was marvelous. I am grateful for chorale music and my church community.

-I went on a 3-day silent retreat with Opus Dei in the country. I am grateful for all the nice people I met and walking in the snowy silent woods.

-I am grateful for my new Christian Louboutin and Nicholas Westwood shoes.

-I am grateful to three honest-to-goodness friends (people I actually know!) who wished me Merry Christmas unprompted via text message on Christmas morning. You have no idea what you mean to me. I am grateful for friends. (Next year I will try for four...)

-And the best gift of all: My dear newlywed friend Adrienne just told me that she is expecting a little baby in July! Congratulations Adrienne! (I guess that trip to the lingerie store was helpful!)

~~~Dear Reader, I will let you know next year if I am grateful for babies...

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