Friday, September 4, 2015

Dating in the Modern Age

I wear my heart on my fist.

Monday: The married coach of a professional soccer team invited me for a drink. I thought about it but politely declined.

Tuesday: Nothing planned. I go to the gym and absolutely kill my workout. An old ex-bf contacts me out of the blue. I was very serious about him but he's on the rebound and just looking to get his dick wet. I lose a little respect for someone I really looked up to. I have an avalanche of emotion and the rest of the week suffers for it. Two weeks later, against all my best intentions, I'm back in his bed...I know, I know

Wednesday: A man who had invited me and planned the date 10 days prior cancelled 2.5 hours before. I feel like he chickened out, poor thing. I tried to encourage him but it was no use. Like my conservative Catholic mother always says, 'You can't suck a dead dick back to life'. (That's a joke. My mother never said that. My Protestant grandmother did...)

UPDATE: Over the next week, this man sends upwards of 10 messages asking for a second date until I eventually have to block him. I would have gone on a second date if any of the messages had the same excuse for cancelling the first time, but they were all different! They ranged from the serious (his friend's mother had a seizure) to the mundane (he was stuck at work) to the ridiculous (he had to ref a soccer game). Ugh! Soccer again!.

Thursday: A man who's been dogging me for a third date invites me over and over again until I get confused and agree to meet him at (basically) the last minute. He keeps changing the date and venue I become impatient and cancel. Honestly, good riddance.

Friday: This was expected, actually. A man was begging for a date for two weeks but not planning anything despite how specific my profile was. If you are familiar with the phrase 'give 'em enough rope and he'll hang himself' then that's exactly what happened. I played social director, planning a quick drinks date and he balked. No surprise there and a bit of a relief because I had scheduled my car for detailing at the same time. I can't be in two places at once!

Saturday: This is the your regular run-of-the-mill dating story...
Boy meets Girl.
Boy Takes Girl to the Beach (for their fourth date).
Boy Invites his two friends along on the date, too! 

They are: 
the old Married Woman he had an affair with, and 
her (formerly cuckolded) Husband.'ve never heard that one before? 

Boy, are you ever sheltered! Live a little!

Sunday: A man I forgot I scheduled a date with (my bad), cancels on me. 

He said that he didn't like my blog (his bad). Since he was meeting me on a kink website, I'm surprised that he had the nerve to judge. What a hypocrite! My blog has nothing to do with other people, I write it to amuse myself and keep a record of my year. I didn't judge his fetish about 'face-fucking' or wanting an Asian submissive. Like an emotionally mature adult, I naturally assumed it had nothing to do me.
Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one. Luckily, this dude likes assholes!

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