Friday, March 18, 2016

Coming Soon! The Blood Bather

Or you can have it with cheese.

Dearest Reader

I'm writing a book, actually three books! 

The first book is called 
and I'm going to share it with you a chapter at a time.

Stay tuned for the release of a chapter every week starting Good Friday...

But I wanted to include a preview here, so feel free tell me what you think, including plot suggestions in the comment section below. 

Writing is hard work and it takes a lot of time. If you feel the stories are worth a donation, please request my email address in the comment section to make an e-money transfer.

~elle, Persephone 

Preview of The Blood Bather

She was neither beautiful nor ugly, neither fat nor thin. She was definitely more short than she was tall. Her eyes were neither green nor yellow nor blue, though depending on who was looking and when and the weather outside she had been accused of having all three. She was definitely a brunette, except when she wasn't and after all it's hair and it grows back, and was neither long nor short.
The circumstances of her birth, she firmly believed, were the seeds if her destiny. If she had not been born, if instead her mothers first pregnancy had not been terminated, for certainly her mother would not have been so stupid as to have two children out of wedlock, then it would have accelerated the natural demise of her parents relationship and thus led them all on a more authentic path. Had her mother been fallen from the beginning rather than giving up a baby for a marriage four years later to a man who by now hated her, another soul would have lived as her parents first born child and her soul would be free if the burden of being falsely legitimate and truly cursed...

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