Friday, March 18, 2016

Poetry for the Deeply Shallow

In an effort to follow through on my 2016 resolution to practice emotional vulnerability, I'm going to post those bits of poetry that embarrass me. 
It's okay to laugh. 
The point of this exercise is to get to know myself and get completely comfortable with myself, at all times in every way. My goal is to really know myself. 

Another way to practice emotional vulnerability is to clearly state your needs and/or let others do the same without making a big deal about it. For example, this week a women with an alarming amount of facial hair clad all in red jumped off her driveway, asked if I was a Christian, if she could give me a hug and whether I had heard of Isis. I took a deep breath, answered yes to all and let this crimson crusader touch me. She needed human interaction and I got out of my own way and gave it to her. I was exceptionally proud of myself and she was actually really nice, if a little paranoid. But it's not for me to judge. It's really never for me to judge. The universe was testing my resolve and I passed with flying colors. Now it's time to level up...

Here's one, (apparently in response to flat earth truthers) ...

It is the very curvature of the earth that turns us humans to wanderers, explorers;
ever wondering what is just beyond the horizon line. 
Drawing us further away from each other, drawing us closer to ourselves. 

... And a love poem!

I asked you 
to take the relationship beyond 
the four posters of your gothic bed; 
where tied with soft straps 
you stretched my 
and other things 
and took by force 
what I gave you 
with eager arch of my spine 
and toss of pretty head 
and moan of fickle heart. 
And you asked, truly bewildered, 
where do you want to go? 
In the strange dark country 
of your man's mind 
where the poison hormone had diminished to a dull roar, 
you could reason
but all the thoughts were sad.

Dear Reader, I encourage you to get slightly out of your comfort zone this year and try talking to a stranger. You might feel like a fool, have an irrational fear of rejection. Start with Hello.
And be glad I'm not asking you to write a poem. 

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