Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Blood Bather: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

(...Brace yourself, Dear Reader, this part is NSFW...)

            After class Audra headed to the bookstore to pick up what she needed for the upcoming semester. She marveled at the campus still very much in summer's bloom. She honestly felt like September was the finest month of the year in this part of the world. The sun shone until late in the evening, bright and clear. The days were dry and surprisingly warm. All those gorgeous fall sweaters and boots could wait just a few weeks longer. The campus was unbelievably large, a garden utopia in the centre of a big city. The bookstore stood over three stories but it was still morning and classes had already begun so the initial freshman crush was abated. The top floor housed computers and technology, the second floor was where she was headed for course materials. The ground floor held equipment and all the branded paraphernalia that college sports have become known for. She walked between the stacks looking for her section and grabbed a plastic wrapped package of textbook, workbook and CD-ROM materials. She took a breath in the silence of the morning, albeit a bit stuffy. Her footfalls echoed and dust motes fell in the light from the windows. A room full of so much knowledge and potential. This was the true college experience.
            She knew he was there before he spoke. The pull of him was uncanny, like a flower turning toward the sun, every molecule in her body gravitated to his energy. He took the package from her arms and gently placed them back on the shelf. His athlete's body was still warm from his workout and his hair still slightly wet from his shower. He grabbed her chin and kissed her hard. Her Louis Vuitton hobo bag slipped from her shoulders and slumped to the floor. Neither one noticed. He pushed her back against the wall and pressed the full weight of his pelvis against her, pining her, breathless. It made her stomach fall and her knees weak. While kissing her upturned throat he slid his left hand under her shirt and ran his thumb of over the lace of her bra, right above the nipple. Then pinched sharply. She gasped with pleasure and flooded her panties with moisture. She placed her foot on the adjacent shelf, angling her hip bones toward him and ground against him. She could feel how hard he was. He followed her eyes to his crotch and grinned sheepishly, put his hand over his zipper and dipping his chin in an act of false modesty. He looked at her seriously, but hungry, hoping... She licked her lips and nodded.
            It was like a starter's pistol, he rushed at her with strength and power and lifted her onto the window ledge with the summer sun warming her back through the window. He pulled her panties aside and spread her wetness through out, in and out, side to side, backward and forward. She gripped the fabric of his shirt so hard she was frightened she might break another nail...

            He fucked her hard against the window on the second floor of the bookstore, silently staring into her eyes, his left hand gently clasping her throat. The only sound was her gasp, "Oh, Micah..." when she came.

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