Friday, April 29, 2016

The Blood Bather: Chapter 6

The Blood Bather

Chapter 6
            Darryl was halfway through his routine; in that, he had eaten, played a few rounds of Doom, freshly masturbated to the aforementioned gay porn, and was now in the men's washroom trying to clean up. Which was proving difficult because he kept hearing a noise. And the noise was turning him on. It sounded like a woman sighing, maybe kissing. Actually, it sounded like a woman having the world's quietest orgasm and then giggling. It was the most attractive sound. He would put his hands under the water to wash them only to stop every time he heard the sound. He had fantasies of one day making a woman sound like that. Hell, he had fantasies of one day making a woman ...anything.
            His penis was already chafed from the bludgeoning he had just given it. Next time he would have to remember not to touch the salt and vinegar chips until after he came to avoid the rawness he was currently experiencing. Running his dick under cool water was helping a little but he couldn't very well wander around with his dick out. There was a phrase for that, wasn't there? He had heard some the jocks shouting it. Rock out with your Cock out... What would his mother say?             
         He knew what she would say, she would say she wasn't bloody surprised and that he was just like his father. But she couldn't really say that, could she? She barely knew his father, by the sounds of it. He was just a sperm donor, she said. He looked down at his unit, shrivelled to a pickle in the cool water. Man, he wished he could think for even a few seconds without mentioning dicks, his or anyone else's. Being this sexually frustrated had to be a disorder.
            There is was again! The sound of afternoon delight, he was going to nickname it. He turned off the water and froze stock still with his semi-hard dick in his hand. The design of the bathroom was such that a large column of natural light reflected at the window, creating a blinding glare that made seeing his own reflection useless.
            It was then that he realized he was not alone. Which only made his dick harder and in the absence of cold water, taller. A lot taller.
"Hello?" meekly, with a small tremor in his voice. If this got out on campus his hope for a better year was surely down the drain.
No sound. Just the drip, drip, drip of the faucet.
He used the opportunity to tuck his dick away, despite its newfound girth his shapeless jeans could hide anything and turned to exit the washroom. He spun around to leave.
            And found himself face to face with a gorgeous woman. A gorgeous naked woman. A gorgeous naked woman who spoke the following words:
"Hello Darryl"
But her mouth did not move. At least, he didn't see it move. And he was definitely looking at her mouth, full and pouty, shaped like rich red rosebud.
            Darryl blinked a few times. He tried to speak but his throat was too dry. He tried swallowing but that was no use and instead he just coughed. His dick was at full attention and the blood rushing to his groin made him light-headed and weak. He gave up trying to talk, trying to think. He wanted to grab his chicken and choke the living hell out of it, chafing or no chafing. He had to get out of here. He was humiliated and aroused and for some reason the two emotions together created a not insignificant current of rage in the very pit of his stomach. And the whole time the naked woman watched him with her shining black eyes, smirking as though she was following his thoughts and emotions like a card game. This made him all the angrier.
            Understanding this, the woman turned around and bent over, her behind spread apart and her spine gently arched as she touched her fingers to the floor. Her hair fell forward and she looked at him from the thigh gap between her legs. Inside his head he heard the following words: This is what it looks like.
            Darryl nodded. He understood. This was some sort of hallucination. He had been drugged or fainted and hit his head on the porcelain sink. Even now he could be lying unconscious on the bathroom floor, bleeding from his ears, with no chance of help ever arriving. Except the janitor a week from now. He was probably dying and this was heaven...
            Darryl heard: Come to me. There was a terrible weight in his stomach. Darryl looked down and realized that his member had fallen free of his zipper and stood several inches longer than he remembered it. Not chafed at all, but rather beautifully smooth and even toned despite being engorged with blood. It was taking some effort to maintain this erection and there was only one source of relief as he could see it.

            Darryl took a step closer to the woman and put the tips of his fingers on her right hip. The skin was fiery hot, and imbued him with resolve. He could get to like this place, Heaven. The tip of his penis touched her and came away slick with fluid, also hot, almost painfully hot. He heard her giggle again and lost his control. His eyes rolled back in his head and he buried the shaft into the warm folds of her vagina, releasing a deep groan. Yessir, this had to be heaven...

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