Friday, August 12, 2016

Think Piece on Pieces of Trash

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This post is late; I lost my opus concerning the horrendous Hockey Wives franchise so this is what I am left with.

Can anyone deny that this has been engineered and manipulated from the moment the call was placed? Do you remain unconvinced that Kanye had worked out all possible outcomes six months down the road? Or that he doubted for a moment he would be able to manipulate Kim into using her brand and hijacking the show away from her sisters for an entire hour on Sunday night to prove a point? The point being that he remains obsessed with Taylor Swift. He is effectively stalking her. Much as he has claimed to do when he was wooing Kim in his interview with Khloe on Kocktails with Khloe.

Taylor may not have minded that Kanye was working on a truly stupid song in January, then changed her mind. Or she may have cared but had no way of changing the situation so she rolled with it until an opportunity arose to get her own. But nowhere do we get to muddle the consent question, because Taylor did not " approve" of a line in a song that she did not hear. The same way drunk girls can't give enthusiastic consent to sex and handcuffed men can't drive cars fast enough to break their own necks.

Personally, I think that Taylor Swift is making fun of Kanye when she says, "I sold seven million albums that year but you didn't know who I was. That's fine." She is obviously mocking him. She is allowing Kanye to save face. Then she gets bored with the conversation. A conversation Kanye keeps up because he wants to keep talking to her. Kanye's obsession with Taylor is first publicly apparent in 2009 when he walks on stage to be near her, to enjoy her moment for her. He didn't do it for Beyonce. He did it to bask in the reflected glow. Beyonce knew this. Taylor understands this. And Kim knows this.

Kim admits that Kanye doesn't ask for her permission regarding his song lyrics, but he asks Taylor.

This would explain why Kim keeps colouring her hair blonde.

Kim is jealous because her husband openly says he wants to have sex with Taylor Swift in the future. Not a bunch of women as the author of the GQ article mentions. One woman. Named Taylor Swift. He is naming the one he wants very clearly. He is saying it right out loud because that is how men operate when they feel a primal emotion, whether it be hunger or fear or desire. And the only person who seems to hear it is Kim. So she tries to get out in front of the story. She dedicates one hour and 6 months of her life to setting a very elaborate trap for her perceived rival. A woman who is thinner and blonder and who exhibits a discernible talent. A woman Kim could never really hope to compete with in the game of life unless her manager released a sex tape. As her own mother says to her "favorite" daughter on national television, "Well, it's not like you can sing or dance." Kim has waddled into the middle of two music professionals and a beef that pre-dates her own existence. She is our Yoko Ono, a performance artist who will never be accurately valued for her own merits because of her nearness to fame.

...number nine, number nine, number nine,...

So she sets this trap and unsuspectingly Taylor walks into it. And now Kim is the big… winner?

No, Kanye is.

Because now he no longer has to hide. He gets to talk adfinitum like a scorned lover to Kim and the whole world about his true muse, his real love, the centre of his dark twisted fantasy: Taylor Swift.

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